ADB Interest Rates

ADB Overview

ADB Interest RatesFormed in 1965, ADB or Agricultural Development Bank is a part Ghanaian government owned universal bank offering retail and corporate banking services across the country including the agricultural and rural sector.... read more

ADB Discussion

  • Q: Plz I want to buy shares. I want to know everything I need to know and the requirements tankz

    Reply Amewolar from Ghana
  • Q: Hello Sir please i open saving account with ADB and am having GH 2000+ in my account but I don't receive any commission from them but rather they always deduct something from my account and I want to find out what is the cause? Thank you

    Reply Richmond from Ghana
    • R: Savings account has low interest ratd which stands at 4% as at 2017. so 4% for your 2000cedis for one year will abt 90cedis per yr as your interest. Now ADB deduct 2.50ghc charge every month as COT/mentanance. If you have Sms or email alert then you will pay additional 1Ghc per month.So with this Two services, you will pay about 3.50Ghc monthly which will be 42Ghc every year.deduct 42 from your 90Ghc interest(which is the maximum interest you can get) and you will be left with 48ghc as your interest money. Now if you pay for check book and visa card renewal, you will pay for them. i suggest you visit your bank and demand bank statement for the period you opened the account till now and see where the deduction is from

      Reply Nana
  • Q: How can I get to buy some of your shares?

    Reply Yussif from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: Please how much can l purchase treasury bill and the rates at Adb. thank you.

    Reply Elizabeth from Accra, Ghana
    • R: 5,000.00

      Reply amoako antwi theop
  • Q: how long does it take for a personal loan to be granted and what is the interest rate on such loans currently?

    Reply Iddrisu from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: what process do I have to go through if I want to buy share and also to do treasury bill..thank you

    Reply Najaatu from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: if i want to buy shares frm ADB how can i buy it??and also if i want to do treasury bills how much is the rate??and how do you calculate it anually or quarterly?? thank you..

    Reply anon from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: Please if I want to buy shares from ADB how can I buy it

    Reply Wisdom from Accra, Ghana

ADB Discussion Activity

  • ADB 3 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: please what's the interest rate on ยข 10,000.00 over 3 months period?

    Abraham from Ghana
  • ADB 6 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: i have deposited 2000 cedis for six months,what should be my interest?

    Michael from Accra, Ghana
  • ADB 1 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Please what is the interest rate on Treasury Bill for Six (6) months?

    Addo from Ghana
  • Deposits
    Q: What's the interest rate for 30yrs later

    Wise cobbina from Accra, Ghana
  • ADB 1 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: 1) I have separate investments with ADB and an account as well. Altogether, these amount to the minimum required for the one-month fixed deposit. Can I put them together and purchase the one-month fixed deposit. If yes, how do I go about it and who is available in ADB to help me do that. If no, why not? 2) If I buy a one-month fixed deposit can I keep taking the interest every month and roll over the principal to other one-month deposits? Thanks

    Billy from Ghana
  • Savings
    Q: What is the minimum amount to start a savings account? And you have not indicated whether the interest is monthly or quarterly.

    Charles Dzramado from Ghana
  • Savings
    Q: Do u give interest on savings account...and how do you calculate it..monthly or manually..thank you

    Najaatu from Accra, Ghana
  • ADB Ghana Savings Account - Savings
    Q: Please, may I know the rate at which adb when a person takes a loan?

    Yakubu from Accra, Ghana
  • ADB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: what is the minimum a mount one can start with a fixed deposit?

    pamphilio from Ghana
  • ADB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Is de interest calculated monthly or over the period stated

    mercy from Ghana