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ADB Interest RatesFormed in 1965, ADB or Agricultural Development Bank is a part Ghanaian government owned universal bank offering retail and corporate banking services across the country including the agricultural and rural sector.... read more

ADB Discussion

  • Q: Hello Sir please i open saving account with ADB and am having GH 2000+ in my account but I don't receive any commission from them but rather they always deduct something from my account and I want to find out what is the cause? Thank you

    Reply Richmond from Ghana
  • Q: How can I get to buy some of your shares?

    Reply Yussif from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: Please how much can l purchase treasury bill and the rates at Adb. thank you.

    Reply Elizabeth from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: how long does it take for a personal loan to be granted and what is the interest rate on such loans currently?

    Reply Iddrisu from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: what process do I have to go through if I want to buy share and also to do treasury bill..thank you

    Reply Najaatu from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: if i want to buy shares frm ADB how can i buy it??and also if i want to do treasury bills how much is the rate??and how do you calculate it anually or quarterly?? thank you..

    Reply anon from Accra, Ghana
  • Q: Please if I want to buy shares from ADB how can I buy it

    Reply Wisdom from Accra, Ghana

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